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The World Health Professions Alliance speaks for more than 41 million health professionals worldwide, and is the only alliance which convenes knowledge and experience from the key health professions in more than 130 countries.

Health Professions support WHO's Vaccine Equity Declaration, calling for accelerating vaccine equity for all frontline workers

25 March 2021

The World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA) supports the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Equity Declaration, which encourages countries to ensure that access to immunisation is determined by need, rather than wealth or geographic location.

Representing 41 million health professionals around the world, WHPA recognizes that health professionals are at the heart of every health system and governments must provide safe, supportive environments to help them thrive, including access to vaccines.

WHPA members stress that early vaccine access is critical to ensuring the health and safety of our essential workforce, protecting not only them but also their patients, families, communities, and the broader health of countries.

WHPA represents health professionals on WHO’s Steering Committee for The Year of the Health and Care Workers, chaired by WHO Director General Dr Tedros. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the five members of the WHPA have been advocating for the rights, respect and support of health professionals and workers around the world and have strengthened their collaboration through the Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments campaign and an increased dialogue.

Each of the WHPA members have signed the declaration individually, in addition to collectively. Find out more about their professional recommendations and activities in the statement.

On behalf of health professionals everywhere, WHPA encourage leaders and policy makers to also sign the declaration and support the workforce who continue to support us throughout this epidemic.

Download the full statement.

Download this press release.