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The World Health Professions Alliance speaks for more than 41 million health professionals worldwide, and is the only alliance which convenes knowledge and experience from the key health professions in more than 130 countries.

Stand up for Positive Practice Environments


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The World Health Organization estimates a shortage of 18 million health workers by 2030, leading to poorer health outcomes and health worker well-being – a deadly serious issue for health and development worldwide.

The reasons are complex. A prevailing reason, however, is the poor quality of healthcare work environments that are undermining health service delivery and driving health professionals away from their caregiving role and country.

Positive Practice Environments – health care settings that support excellence and decent work conditions – have the power to attract and retain staff, provide quality patient care and strengthen the health sector as a whole. That’s why we are urging health professionals, managers, governments, policy and decision-makers, and community leaders, to Stand Up For Positive Practice Environments.


Hearing from health professionals: Voices from the field

This interview series gathers real-life examples from the field, as seen through the eyes and voices of health professionals.


Watch the webinars

Safeguarding Health Professionals' Mental Health - Watch the recording

COVID19: An Occupational Disease? - Watch the recording

Beyond the Applause: Demanding supportive workplaces and conditions for our frontline professionals - Watch the recording


Use the campaign toolkit and join us in commitment and action to turn health care settings into quality and enabling workplaces.

Campaign Booklets

Read the campaign booklet which provides detailed guidance on how you can use the different tools to make a difference.

Booklet for health employers, managers and profsCampaign booklet for health employers, managers and professionals

This campaign booklet explains the campaign and toolkit so that health employers, managers and professionals are able to use the materials. Communication is encouraged between managers and staff at health facilities to help galvanize action at a local level.






Booklet National AssociationsCampaign booklet for national organizations representing health care professionals

This booklet explains the campaign and toolkit to national associations of health professionals to provide the materials to empowered activation of the campaign at a local level. Suggestions are provided on how to use the campaign to mobilise members, the media and governments.




Campaign tools

The materials are organized into a simple framework for ease of understanding and use.

Group of Health Professionals with elderly patientDrawing attention to the scale of the problem

Too many countries have desperate shortages of health professionals, leaving people with no access to health care.

The global health workforce crisis means… Posters





P2Understanding Positive Practice Environments

There are key elements in the workplace that have a direct positive impact on health outcomes and health worker well-being.

A Positive Practice Environment is… Poster | Fact sheet

Health professionals stay when they are… Poster




incentive systemsDelving deeper into specific aspects of Positive Practice Environments 

Incentive systems are an important means of attracting, retaining, motivating, satisfying and improving the performance of employees.

Effective incentive systems help because… Poster | Fact sheet

Health professionals need health care information to feel empowered, build professional self-worth, learn, diagnose, educate the public and patients, and to save lives.

Health professionals need health care information to… Poster | Fact sheet


Poster - mental health engMental well-being for health professionals is important because poor mental health can affect the quality of care they provide.

Mental well-being for health professionals is important because… Poster | Fact sheet

Health professionals must be protected from violence so that they can save lives. Our communities and health systems suffer every time our health workforce loses a health professional.

Health professionals must be protected from violence... Poster | Fact sheet



turn your setting into a positive practice environmentEstablishing Positive Practice Environments in your workplace and national health sector

Individuals can make a difference locally by assessing the quality of their practice environments, identifying any deficiencies and developing strategies to address priority gaps. 

Turn health care settings into Positive Practice Environments by… Poster | Action List




Activating the campaign

Raise awareness of the campaign and drive it forward using these additional tools.Stand up

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Share your positive action

Share your positive action and case studies with us so we can use our global platform to inspire others.

Email us at: info@whpa.org.

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Use the hashtags: #PositivePracticeEnvironments and #StandUpforPositivePracticeEnvironments.


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