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The World Health Professions Alliance speaks for more than 41 million health professionals worldwide, and is the only alliance which convenes knowledge and experience from the key health professions in more than 130 countries.

WHA70 Intervention on Human resources for health and implementation of the outcomes of the United Nations’ High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth

WHA year

May 2017

I am representing FDI World Dental Federation, supported by the World Health Professions Alliance, representing over 26 million health professionals in some 130 countries.

We congratulate the High-Level Commission for the ten clear and practical recommendations to transform the health workforce for the SDGs and reiterate our endorsement.

We concur with the Commission’s conclusion that “to the extent that resources are wisely spent and the right policies and enablers are put in place, investment in education and job creation in the health and social sectors will make a critical positive contribution to inclusive economic growth”.

We also support the view that the implementation must be driven by Member States and integrated with national and regional priorities. It is crucial for public and private-sector funding sources and policymakers in government work closely with representatives of the national and local healthcare workforce during the implementation period. With this in mind, health care organizations such as ours would welcome access to the online knowledge platform envisaged in the cross-cutting immediate actions.

The necessary transformation in healthcare delivery, supported by a health workforce of size and education consistent with achieving universal health coverage will not happen in a vacuum. It will take place within the context of a globalized world where issues such as cost-cutting, market access and workforce mobility can pose significant challenges to the universal good of the health sector and its crucial participants, the healthcare workforce.

A fit-for-purpose healthcare system and workforce is strongly related to a fit-for-purpose regulatory environment to ensure the public’s best interests are met.

We are convinced that sound and well-targeted investment in health systems and appropriate funding to ensure safe staffing and expansion of education programmes will help achieve the SDGs for health and well-being.